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    Your success is our success. At CT Agency, we treat every client like our own best friend. When navigating the complex world of social media marketing, you want a friend by your side who cares about your own best interests above their own.


Social Media,  Branding, & Influencer Marketing Experts

Welcome to CT Agency, an award-winning agency specializing in social media, branding, and influencer marketing. Our expertise lies in crafting personalized strategies that cater to your specific requirements. By managing popular social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter on your behalf, we ensure your online presence thrives.

We excel in diverse industries, including aesthetics, fashion, entertainment, beauty, real estate, NFTs and more. Understanding our clients on a personal level is crucial to us, as it enables us to create tailored plans that amplify their message and drive exceptional outcomes.

We offer an unrivaled advantage with over a decade of experience in social media marketing, an extensive network of influencers, and exclusive data insights. Our mission is to help you establish an influential brand that propels your business to new heights, enabling you to achieve the success you deserve!


Influencer Marketing

01Creative Talent Agency creates the most engaging, viral, and ROI -focused social media influencer campaigns for brands worldwide.


We are a full-service agency that takes care of everything from casting to contracts to reporting. We are here to make your digital influencer programs seamless and successful.

03We pride ourselves on our network of top influencers who boast some of the largest and most devoted online audiences. We prioritize building solid relationships with talented influencers to ensure the perfect match for each campaign.


Creative talent Agency is a different type of marketing agency



Social media has become one of the essential components of a company's brand identity, customer acquisition, customer retention, and direct communication with your customers. We create bold corporate brands that capture attention and empower our clients to conquer their market. Our team creates brands for businesses that can't be ignored by developing a combination of high-level strategy, powerfully crafted creativity, and connected narratives.



Beyond industry best practices, CT Agency lives and breathes on the cutting edge of innovative social media strategy. We can train your team to use tools and techniques within a social media approach tailored to your brand identity. Most importantly, we can show you what to post and when, and how to best showcase your brand on each social media channel!



CT Agency will guide you through the entire process of a social media campaign: from rollout to customer retention. We have refined our approach through a decade of insights, incorporating proprietary strategies, cutting-edge CRM, and marketing data from the forefront of analytics. Not only do we help develop a comprehensive content strategy, but we also guide our clients through every stage of the process. We are trusted advisors in content creation, contract negotiations, and campaign analysis.

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