️?????? ?????????️Midnight Confessions and Corrections (@midnightsoulrepair) was founded on the belief that everyone possesses the potential to learn, to realign, repair, and correct the direction that their life is going. So many of us have been held hostage by the bad habits that tend to weigh us down and hold us back, creating obstacles to really experiencing all of the wonders that life has to offer. Those habits are created by long-established recurring patterns, the vast majority of which are strongly rooted in experiences from our childhood.Luckily, Rabbi Baron, a spiritual leader and advisor in the LA community for over 20 years— has created a digital safe space, Midnight Confessions & Corrections, where you can connect with others and feel the spirit & support of community without leaving your home. All you need is a little help and guidance from people who have experienced the process and can understand what you’re going through, walking at your side and supporting you as you learn and grow.It’s the mission of Midnight Confessions & Corrections to bring healing, love, faith, and comfort to everyone by helping them overcome repeating negative behavior patterns through multi-sensory experiences filled with healing sounds, music, and aromatherapy. Thank you, Rabbi Baron, for being such an incredible human and spectacular client —> be sure to check out the @midnightsoulrepair page!

be sure to check out the @midnightsoulrepair page!” />